A leap towards making our India ‘ATMA-NIRBHAR’… We are one of the most innovative e-commerce platforms in India that inspires the housewives of villages to bring their unique kid’s cloth designing ingenuity in front of the entire world while assisting them in earning money.

What Do We Do?

Desi Sparkle brings an outstanding earning opportunity for housewives from the villages. The housewives can knit kid clothes by implementing their creative tactics and we will help them sell their products across the country. We would be selling their beautifully crafted clothes on Desi Sparkle’s website and they would be getting monetary benefits from. Not least, the weavers can also put their desired cost of the product which they wish to earn. After approval and analysis, we would be offering the weavers the final cost of the product with attractive percentages. With us, women can work from home and can mark their own significance in the society.
“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak”
Rusty / CEO

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